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Some women like diamonds, some are fashionistas, some love working out. I love fabric - colors, prints, the feel and drape of the fabric. I can get lost for hours on fabric websites or in a fabric store.

My story began in grade school. My grandmother taught me to embroider when I was 5. She bought 5"x5" pieces of fabric stamped with designs so I had a guide where to place the stitches. After a few lessons, she gave me a new square to do on my own. I spent a week on this small square. I was very careful to get the stitches right. I was so excited to show my grandmother.  My grandmother didn't look at the front - she turned it over. What a mishmash of threads dragged from one spot to another and threads that hadn't been clipped! She told me "if the back is a mess, it doesn't matter what the front looks like." At 5, that devastated me! And I never forgot it. Decades later, every time I finish a cross stitch piece, I know my grandmother is smiling.

My next foray into creativity was designing and making Barbie doll clothes in grade school. My designs were very primitive. Thankfully, my skills have since developed! By the time I was in college, I was making all my clothes and occasionally taking on commissions.

After years of making gifts for friends and family, I was inspired to start my business in 1992 along with my silent partners - my parents. They weren't silent for long and I am forever grateful. For many years, they manned booths at Arts & Crafts shows while I manned the sewing machine. My mother also recruited many of her talented crafty friends to make products to help fill in the empty spots in our displays.

What is Aunt Meg Creations? Think high quality, handcrafted gifts for your home and family that won't break your budget. Just like my grandmother, we are into the details! We offer a wide assortment of items from the very traditional to the quite unusual. Many of our products are one-of-a-kind or limited run items. Aunt Meg Creations continues to be a family-owned and -operated business.

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