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Adult Bibs

These Adult Bibs were on the drawing table for a long time.  Our discussions began with "well endowed" friends who complained that everything ended up on their "continental shelves".  More surprising to us is that many men, tired of ruining shirts and ties, were interested as well. We learned that folks were looking for a way to protect their garments while dining out  - and not look foolish in the process.  One customer bought bibs for the entire family for their spaghetti dinners!

After a LOT of experimenting, we offer our Bosom Buddies - Bibs with Style for Adults. All of our bibs are reversible  - one side print, one side solid. Our prints run the gamut from whimsical  to pinstripes. Bibs fasten with a large snap closure at the neck. These bibs are lightweight enough that they can be folded and carried in a pocket or a handbag. Each bib has a waterproof if you should spill something, it won't soak through and stain the garment underneath.   And they are machine wash-and-dryable so they will be ready for the next night out.  

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